College Outreach Support System – COSS


College BoundTwice a semester we reach out to Area College students by mailing a “Care Package” filled with snacks, treats and words of encouragement from their church family.

 Many of you have asked for a list of what we are collecting to send out in our care packages in October.  Please drop off supplies to the church office. 

Donations to help cover postage are also appreciated.

Thank you for your support!

college care packageFOOD- homemade cookies, brownies, rice Krispy treats, microwave popcorn, pretzels, nuts, snack bars, jerky, animal crackers, goldfish crackers or other types of crackers, chips, microwave oatmeal and Mac n cheese, ramen noodles, hot chocolate, dried fruit, fruit cups, gum, mints and twizzlers 

OTHER ITEMS Highlighters, post it notes and band aides. 

STRESS BUSTERS Small word search puzzle books or other types of puzzle books, glow sticks, silly string, balloons, squirt guns, or bubbles. 

PERSONAL FAMILY ITEMS If one of our college students is a relative of yours and you'd like to include a few SMALL items ( a card or a note, pictures, etc.) we can accommodate that for you. 

Contact Mike Finney or the church office if you have any questions.