Our History

1921 - 2013


In 1921, there were about 150 families in Endwell when the original church building was purchased. it was an 1866 fram schoolhouse purchased for $3300. The service of dedication was held November 27, 1921. The first belfry was built in 1922 with a bell secured from the old Methodist church in Harpursville. that bell is now located in Edwards Memorial Bell Gazebo outside the present church's main entrance. By 1934, membership had reached 186 growing to 297 by 1941. In 1948, the congregation moved to its present location on Watson Boulevard. The original sanctuary had the pulpit and altar at the west end of the church. The east end held the stage and dining room. Folding chairs were used throughout the church.


The Reverend Samuel Little arrived in 1950 and proposed a very ambitious long-range program, including the addition of a new Education Building built in 1954. By 1956, Sunday School attendance was over 500 with an overall church membership of 1000. Plans were then approved for the construction of the Fellowship Hall and Offices. In 1958 the sanctuary was reversed and new pews were installed.


The Endwell Nursery School was established in 1967. In 1978, The Reverend Jose Valencia, Jr. began a seventeen year pastorate with an emphasis on visitation. The Reverend Charles Gommer, Jr. became pastor in 1995 and The Reverend Michael Bealla followed him in 1998. Under his leadership, an ambitious renovation of the sanctuary was undertaken including new organ, stained glass windows and new outdoor sign. In June of 2003, The Reverend Roger Richards became the pastor and lead a five-year campaign to pay off the debt and do other improvements to the facilities. the Reverend Jan Marsi was appointed in June of 2010 and served until June 2013. The Reverend Mark Kimpland is our current pastor.